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  • Expensive paid advertising that doesn’t return
  • Lack of consistency in acquiring new clients
  • Poor lead quality and conversion
  • Troubles building a sales team
Recognize the following?
We can help you tackle these challenges by enabling you to:
  • Target and connect with your ideal clients directly
  • Acquire new clients consistently at a low CAC
  • Build your in-house outbound sales system
  • Grow your business without growing your sales team

Improve your outbound sales strategy 

Get the most out of your sales team
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What Clients say
Finery Markets is a trading platform for digital assets. It created a non-custodial trading network, allowing financial firms to access deep aggregated digital assets and cryptocurrency liquidity in a compliant way.

To continue their growth, Finery Markets decided to partner with a reliable B2B lead generation provider, and Sniproleads turned out to be the right choice.

Sniproleads is a laser-focus lead engine that can easily adjust their targeting to new & emerging markets of which crypto is one of the fastest-growing.
Ivan Jelic, Business Development Manager at Finery Markets
A laser-focused lead engine
Sniproleads have been the only of many B2B lead generation specialists we worked with that actually delivered. When we started working together, our new clients came exclusively through referrals and organic.

One year later, 80% of our leads came from outbound and most of them are now our biggest clients. Sniproleads helped us double our revenue in less than two years and we still work with them to build our own outbound sales machine that will keep on generating such results.

If you are looking for highly effective strategies to acquire new business fast, I highly recommend working with them.
Bostjan Belingar, CEO of Hustler Marketing
Highly effective strategies
SQLs on autopilot
David Santos Caamaño, Sales Development Manager at Betterplace
Great experience with the Sniproleads team, that helped us to discover a new lead acquisition channel with an automated process.

The collaboration with them led to satisfactory results and at all times they have been open to optimizing our processes, as well as training us in their methods in order to incorporate an outbound sales system into our company.

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