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We take out the hassle of sales prospecting and connect you with your ideal clients.
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Instead, we take out the hassle of sales prospecting and connect you with your ideal clients instantly.

Proactively building a pipeline of qualified prospects is a complex and tedious process, yet your business can't grow steadily without it. Proactive B2B Lead Generation is what makes the difference between average and rapid growth. Do you have the workforce to streamline this vital operation?

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Jasper Vanuytrecht
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Business Strategist
Natalia Arango
Campaign Manager Spain
Adrià Villarroya
Marketing Manager
Eva Danilova
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Yonah Goethals
Co-founder & Growth Strategist
Founder & Chief Prospecting Officer
Sniproleads has a team of experienced sales prospectors that provide promising businesses with highly targeted leads. We apply the best skills, tools, methods, and data on the market to meet your lead quality standards.

We understand who your ideal clients are, where they are, and how to engage with them. We are fully dedicated to go out and deliver them to you, on a silver platter.
We understand who your ideal clients are
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To match your ideal client's local language, we support the most spoken languages in the EMEA region, such as English, French, Dutch, German, and Spanish.
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Sniproleads works results-driven and guarantees you the results. Sniproleads stands for sniper-precise sales prospection. Only pay for what you get: hyper-targeted leads.
With Sniproleads, a lead is nothing less than a Sales Qualified Lead or a connection with your qualified target prospect that indicated an interest in your solution(s).
Quality over Quantity
We take care of your B2B lead generation engine so you can focus on what you do best: running your business, taking care of your clients, and closing deals.
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Founder & Chief Prospecting Officer
Jasper Vanuytrecht
Working as an outbound sales development professional in Barcelona’s startup ecosystem, Jasper encountered B2B tech entrepreneurs that were struggling with generating new business consistently. With his versatile background and specific prospective client acquisition skills, he helped them tackle those challenges, acquiring new clients at a low customer acquisition cost, targeting and connecting with their ideal clients directly, and building an outbound lead generation system.Out of his activities, he founded Sniproleads in order to enable more technology businesses to achieve the same.
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